Guild Wars 2 Fashion: Whispers

An Order of Whispers inspired fashion outfit.
This article is over 10 years old and may contain outdated information

Dressed in deep purples and rich reds there is no doubting which Tyrian order Leopard Lacewing subscribes to.

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“Knowing is half the battle. Or so they say. Well, the Order of Whispers is definitely in the business of knowing.”

-Leopard Lacewing

The look

  • Exalted Mantle
  • Inquest Vestments
  • Whispers Leggings
  • Acolyte Boots
  • Penetrating Wraps (personal story reward)
  • Usoku’s Needle
  • Midnight Purple, Lifesblood, Ruby, and Antique Gold.

EDIT: I was asked to upload a screenshot showing it off in daylight so here it is! Taken outside the LA bank – all four sides shown and includes the colour palate as a bonus. Linking it as it is quite the large image.


The Order of Whispers philosophies are my personal favourite so I wished to have a set of gear suitable to the order. Instead of the bells and whistles of the light armour, I wanted to find a sleeker look more typical of medium armour sets.

My favourite part of this set is the diversity. Guild Wars 2 armour sets are often distinct in their styles. To be able to mix and match so many sets with such a coherent result makes me proud of this outfit. Usoku’s Needle also steals a place close to my heart – matching the gold highlights, sleek, and functional.

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