Guild Wars 2: How To Elect Evon Gnashblade To Captain’s Council

A vote for Evon Gnashblade is a vote worth counting
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Gather ’round ‘gents and germs. *Ahem* I mean ladies and gentlemen. My name is Oosah. I am here, standing on this soapbox today, to tell you about the power of your voice. It can be heard across the land — more importantly it can be used to vote for Evon Gnashblade! Or rather your pockets perhaps, since voting takes place with tokens you will be carrying around with you.

Even though I do not condone the action, I suppose that the information contained herein could also be used to vote for that ‘goody-two-shoes’ Ellen Kiel. I strongly caution you against letting that woman charm you. She seems pretty and polite on the outside, but has a bite that burns hotter than the Hounds of Balthazar. Might I also add, a face only a mother could love.

Without further ado let’s jump into it. What you need to do is simple; collect Support Tokens and deliver them to your local voting booth. And by local, I mean at the top of Zephyr Sanctum. Whining about it wont bring the basket to you, now will it? 

You can collect these tokens by slaying enemies and robbing them of theirs, or you can purchase them right next to the voting baskets. The short distance between the merchant selling them and the basket collecting them makes the situation ripe for the erm…nevermind that. Evon needs your support! Why are you still reading this? Go go! No seriously, get out there and get tokens for Gnashblade!

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