GW2 Fashion: An Asura Who Has Earned Her Wings

Niakith has earned her wings!

Niakith: Elementalist, Recent Graduate of the College of Synergetics, and a proud member of the Durmand Priory who has recently had of a fashion makeover!

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For the longest time, Niakith was the least spoiled out of all my characters. Whenever I got something cool, my Sylvari Ranger or my Charr Guardian would be the first in line to get it. Niakith’s look hadn’t really changed since launch, looking like this (See below.) until about 3 weeks ago.

I’d been meaning to look for an outfit I’d be happy with on her for quite some time, but never got around to it. Her lucky day came when I got the wings as a random drop during Dragon Bash and knew straight away what I wanted to go for!

The wings didn’t suit the rest of my characters and I didn’t want to have the wings not matching the rest of her outfit, so I began my journey of saving up for the T3 Asuran light armor that Zojja wears. It has blue glowing pieces that would suit the wings perfectly. Saving up took me quite a while, but was totally worth it when I finally had and was able to see her sporting the wings with the outfit.

My original helm was the Dragon Helm, also procured from the Dragon Bash, but my favourite thing about Niakith was that she has really long ears that flap about adorably when she runs. I was kind of missing this when they were all neatly tucked up inside her helm. I searched for a hood that would suit her, finding many cool options, but most didn’t have holes for her ears. Eventually, I stumbled across the Feathered crafted armor — it was exactly what I was looking for! I added it to her outfit straight away!

Finally, her leggings were the last thing to work on. She was still wearing her embroidered leggings, which didn’t suit the rest of the outfit at all. I searched the trading post for some leggings that would suit her, stumbling across the winged leggings which I loved! I bought them without a second thought. They suited perfectly! Her current boots matched well too. Outfit finished!

I already had a Super Scepter Skin from the Super Adventure Box, laying around in my bank, so I decided to continue her look through weapons. The scepter had the same glowing look at the wings and coat, so I decided to go with it. I got the dagger skin via  achievement awards, the Zenith Kris, which glowed beautifully and seemed to suit her.

Here she is, sporting her final look below! After finally getting the love and spoiling she deserves. c:

Outfit Consists of
  • Headgear: Feathered Headpiece
  • Coat: Savant Coat (T3 Asura Light)
  • Gloves: Queldip Gloves
  • Leggings: Winged Pants
  • Boots: Winged Boots
  • Back Item: Holographic Dragon Wings
  • Dyes Used: Blueberry, Blue Ice, Sea Ice

Thank you for reading!

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