GW2 Fashion – Arkile

The short story behind my Asuran Warrior (Ex-Inquest) Arkile.
This article is over 10 years old and may contain outdated information

From a very young age, Arkile was a tenacious and adventurous Asuran. He loved competition. He was a quick learner and strong willed, never giving up. His childhood was full of rivals and although he did well against his peers, far too often he felt he got second place. This filled him with rage. He needed something extra.

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Temptation led him down the wrong road. He joined the Inquest. Freed from many of the restrictions he felt were holding him back, he joined a krewe of evil doers. He quickly gained their respect through contest. He became an infamous Golem Ranger in the arena scene. Battle after battle, his tenacity could not be matched. He became one of the most reknowned Inquest Golem pilots. Once he became an adult, he was quickly recruited for Inquest Special Operations.

On his first mission, he was air dropped into Rata Sum with several other pilots. His mission was to attack the council members in their chambers. Once entering the facility, he saw other Asurans running in fear as his new krewe members were firing their weapons on helpless crowds. That’s when he recognized someone: a girl he knew from childhood. Fully grown by now she was a staggering 4 feet tall. She was hit by a stray beam from one of the other Inquest.

Without hesitation, Arkile switched his primary target to the one who hit her. He split the suit down the middle with his gatling laser. The others turned towards him. Before they could react Rata Sum special forces opened fire on the others. They had seen Arkile betray his own krewe and spared him.

“You are not the only child of Rata Sum who has defected from our enemy to do what is right,” said one of the Rata Sum officers.

He powered down his armor and stepped out. He had already found his new krewe. He saluted the officer on the spot.



Head: Cultural Tier 2 Helm

Shoulders: CoF Heavy

Chest: Sorrow’s Embrace Heavy Armor

Gloves: Tier 3 Cultural

Legs: CoF Heavy Legs

Boots: CoF Heavy Boots

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