GW2 Fashion: Beartato

Not a single non-brute response in dialogue since August 2012

Hello, most fashinable character contest? Yeah I’d like to enter with an outfit scavenged from scrapyard with bits of half-digested animals please.

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Beartato is a norn warrior, named after the graceful legendary creature that is half bear and half potato. Some people say he has brain problems.

Armour and equipment

  • HotW dungeon helm
  • Gladiator shoulders, hands and boots
  • Barbaric chest piece
  • Pit fighter leggins

Dyed in various shades of rust, warmth, steel and purple. However, Beartato’s true pride is his collection of shoddiest looking weapons in the game, which includes a Godskull greatsword, Rusttooth, Kevin, pirate shield from LA jp, and The Ugly Stick.

But despite the looks he has a heart of gold(?).

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