GW2 Fashion – Bryn Shandar

This article is over 10 years old and may contain outdated information

Not sure if this is how we’re supposed to post for the Best Dressed Character thing, but yeah there ya go. This is my character Bryn Shandar, wearing Khilbron’s Mask, Aetherblade Light Vest, Sorcerer’s Epaulets, Khilbron’s Gloves and Vigil Leggings and Shoes. He’s also using Bonetti’s Rapier and with The Anomaly. I like the colour scheme. Latte/Abyss/Matte/Gold, as well as Limette for the gems on the shoulders.

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I used to use the T3 Human Light Leggings and Boots, but they kinda looked like a dress from the back (the front looked fine though), after I switched to the Vigil Leggings the graphics for the T3 Human Boots were messing up, so I bought the Vigil Boots as well. 

Note: I’m new to this website and I accidentally made two post for this, I don’t know how to delete the other one but the link is.

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