GW2 Fashion Contest Entry

Entry for the GW2 Fashion Contest.
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Name: Senalor
Race: Norn
Class: Necromancer

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Head: Norgu’s Mask
Shoulders: Sheepskin Mantle (Norn light cultural armour tier 1)
Chest: Norgu’s Coat
Gloves: Norgu’s Gloves
Leggings: Havroun Leggings (Norn light cultural armour tier 2)
Boots: Havroun Shoes (Norn light cultural armour tier 2)

The idea behind the equipment was to try and make what I thought a Norn Necromancer would wear, apart from the blindfold, I just really like that. To that end I used the tier 2 Norn light armour for the leggings and boots because I chose the wolf as her spirit guide (plus its significantly cheaper and looks just as good if not better than the tier 3). The tier 1 shoulder I chose as it fits the common aesthic associated with necromancers, that of skulls. I believe it displays her profession and race visually. The gloves make her fingers look like bones which is always cool and the chest piece matches them. As for the blindfold, I just really liked its look and I think it adds mystery and an air of power to the character. She must be strong to fight in a blindfold.


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