GW2 Fashion Contest – I’m blue dabadee-dabadye…

Not a sylvari simply born from the Pale Tree...
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Hello everyone, have a look at my 5 month old Sylvari Guardian – Strelitzia Nicolai. With her I aimed for a combination of heavy armor pieces that, in fact, wouldn’t look heavy at all.

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Color of the leaves on top of her head never goes unnoticed, whether you pay attention to your surroundings or not.  When you add the electric blue and white hues that adore her armor you get an impression of a fallen star walking cities’ streets, not of a sylvari simply born from the Pale Tree.

So what’s she wearing?

  • Priory Breastplate
  • Priory Gauntlets
  • Nightmare Pauldrons
  • Fur of Koda
  • Aetherblade Heavy Warboots
  • Holographic Shattered Dragon Wings

And the weapon?

  • Super Staff

When picking a color scheme for any of my characters I make sure to use 3 main colors and sometimes a 4th one to underline some details. Above hues are combination of Starry Night, Blue Tint, Robin and a bit of Winter Frost.

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