GW2 Fashion Contest: The Manliest Outfit in Tyria

Behold! The manliest Norn in town.
This article is over 11 years old and may contain outdated information

You think you look manly? Well then you have never met Angry Bearded Hobo before.

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The manliest norn in town is bound to convert his enemies to the manly side. Touching his chest hair usually has the side effects of a mustasch instantly bursting out from your face, giving you a boost to your manliness. There are reports that this has even happened to females.

Want to be as manly as this manly Norn?

Well here is how to do it.

Use your favorite pink dye of your choice, (the pinker, the manlier). Plus points for users of the humiliation dye.

Then, put on the armor, showing your chesthair is a must, showing your legs is also a bonus, I mean, who wouldn’t want to see that manliness?

Got all that fixed? Good, now grow either a big beard or a big mustasch, the bigger the better, if you’re a female, no worries, boost your manliness enough, and you will get one too. 

Done with all that? Good. Now to the dancing. Yes, dancing. Manlydancing is a great way to boost your manlyness. First, grab all your manly friends, second, put on your pinkest gear, third, take off your chestpiece and start dancing. Never hide that chesthair.

Are you done? Good. You are now an official manlyman.


The armor Angry Bearded Hobo is wearing is:

  • Zephyrite lightning helmet
  • Honor of the wave shoulders.
  • Pit fighter chest.
  • Banded gauntlets.
  • Pit fighter skirt.
  • Duelist boots.
  • Bonus points for pink quaggan backpacks.

The colors are a mix between Cotton Candy dye and Roze Breeze. Humiliation dye is fine too.

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