[GW2 Fashion] Don’t blink…

Sleek, smooth, swift, and sexy thievery
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…or you may just miss it.

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Kirei Nightray, a thief-for-hire.
An existence that doesn’t exist.
As swift as the wind.
As ethereal as the air.
As alluring as the night.
Stealing all she wants.
Doing what she pleases.
Futile to cease.
Futile to escape.
Futile to hide.
Because it’ll be over before you realize.

The Look

  • Whispers Mask
  • Inquest Breastplate
  • Seeker Pants
  • Shaman Reward Gauntlets
  • Duelist Boots

The Dyes

  • Blood
  • Cream
  • Midnight Ice
  • White

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