[GW2 Fashion] Fallen Angels, born of the ice cold Shiverpeak Mountains

A true huntress of the north earns her gear.

A true huntress of the north earns her gear.

Many of the Elders in Hoelbrak told me tales of how they were pushed south by a great evil named Jormag. This lead me to killing one of his Lieutenants in our most northern region, Frostgorge Sound, and thus was awarded handcrafted Pauldrons and Legguards, only wearable by the mightiest of Norn’s. Then, across my journeys I picked up other treasures; such as my Boots, found in the centre of the deadly Ascalonian Catacombs; My Chestpiece, which I crafted myself from the materials I gathered across my travels. My Gloves were bestowed upon me for my many achievements across Tyria. My Axes are fashioned from the corruption that Jormag’s minions spread across the land.

Fallen Angels


Shoulders – Eagle Spaulders (Tier 2 Heavy Cultural)

Chestpiece – Gladiators Chest (Rare crafted)

Gloves – Radiant Vambraces (3000 Achievement Points)

Legguards – Stag Chausses (Tier 3 Heavy Cultural)

Boots – Ascalonian Boots (From Ascalonian Catacombs)

Axes – Corrupted Skeggoxes

Dyes – Celestial and Sky

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