[GW2 Fashion] Guardian Charr make everything look good

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It took me and a friend hours of tossing ideas around actually to get it set in a style that worked well with my Charr’s eye/fur color and horn styles.  I took the picture out in the snow with a dimmer light and an airship in the background to give the shot an active feel, which I think compliments the armor and colors well.  The full plate look, adorned with weapons of battle, always gives the look of prepared for battle and a hardened battle stance with slanted eyes. I also went with the Shatter wings due to my class because the glowing of the hammer and wings goes well with a guardians blue aura.  I think it all rolls together nicely to create a very intimidating Charr.

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My name is Eshbul and I am a Charr in service of the Ash Legion.  I conqueror my foes with fear and stealth.  A a blue shimmer is all they will ever know of me before a swift end is met in service to my legion.  Second only to the orders that have my service so Charr lands are kept safe against the oncoming dragon hordes.  An armored token of every challenge and battle I have faced adorn my battle-ridden fur.  I wear them with pride for the honored dead and to warn those we are about to face.  I will show no mercy as my eyes set upon you on the battlefield and I expect none in turn.  My life will end in bloodied in the shadows but death is not feared for I am a Eshbul.  I am a Charr and I die for my legion.  My warband and my promise to defeat those who stand against me.


  • Shoulders: Vigil Pauldrons (Vigil set piece)
  • Breastplate:  Whispers Breastplate (Order of Whispers set piece)
  • Gloves:  Warband Fists (Charr Cultural Armor Tier 2)
  • Legs:  Orrian Legguards (Arah Dungeon Set)
  • Boots:  Whisper Boots (Order of Whispers set piece)
  • Weapon: Ghastly Hammer (Ascalonian Dungeon weapon)
  • Backpiece: Holographic Shattered Dragon Wings (Dragon Bash achievement award)
  • Dyes Used:  Deep Glacial Teal – Cinders (Flame and Frost Dyes) – Blue Ice


Feel free to use the look yourself if you like it.  You will have to run several dungeons, be a Charr, and transmute items from each order to do it though. 🙂

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