GW2 Fashion – Heimskr The Loud

Heimskr struts his stuff in L.A. for all the people of Skyrim and Tyria!

Heimskr struts his stuff in L.A. for all the people of Skyrim and Tyria!

Thought I’d do a video instead. Heimskr The Loud Tends to walk around towns and areas, attempting to spread the word of Talos to all of Tyria’s people. Mostly he goes unheard, but its always memorable. Just like when he tried to convert Rata Sum to the word of Talos.. Not well thought out, but memorable.


  • Winged Headpiece
  • Heritage Mantle
  • Devout Garb
  • Devout Gloves
  • Devout Leggings
  • Devout Shoes

This took a little bit to get just right. I ended up having a picture of Heimskr from Skyrim on my other screen to make sure it was pretty darn close. I used the same picture to try to make his face also as close as possible.

The headpiece ended up being completely Lemon Zest, where as the rest of the armor was Sand, along with one of the default browns; Pottery.


It was hard to decide on this character. I have a bunch of decent looking character’s(I have a Rox look-a-like that is almost 100% like Rox, and a necro who’s armor is modeled and coloured by the Priest of Grenth and nearly complete), but in the end I thought this would give more laughs then the others! 😀

Side Note: Currently, his armor is different. If we were allowed to transmute armor into town clothes, this would be his town clothes in a heart beat! Right now he’s got a dredge/flame legion thing going on with his armor, equipped with the jetpack and molten gauntlets.

The below image is his current form but whenever he goes into town to spread The Word of Talos, he dons the previous, Classic Heimskr look!

This look, however awesome, is not the look I’ve submitted for the contest.
Just wanted to share! 😀


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