[GW2 Fashion] In Death No glory

Nobody can escape death... Nobody except a necromancer...
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Hi all, I’m Noglory, and here is my Necromancer.

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First I apologize in advance for my bad English, I’m a French guy =) !

Somewhere in the swamp something made of charred wood and poisonous plants disturbs the atmosphere, it’s a Necromancer !

Born in the Pale Tree, he was put in the quest for long trips, but once arrived in the wasteland of FireHeart Rise, he fell into an ambush of the Flame Legion in sweltering canyons.

Their destructive flame have carbonised its bark. Left for dead but with enough life force to stay among the living, slowly in the GodsLost swamp He is getting stronger and he is determined to take revenge.


Want to get the look?

You’ll be needing Red / Autumn / Green Shade dye and the following items:

  • Skull Masque
  • No shoulder because the chest covers
  • Orchid Coat 
  • Sclerite Karka Shell (Back item)
  • Dryad Gloves
  • Nightmare Pants
  • Orchid Boots
  • Pirate Cane (Scepter)
  • Malefacterym (Dagger)
  • Pirate Crook (Staff)


Inspirations & Influences

Nothing particular, just my imagination.

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Hi everyone ! I'm Noglory, a Guild Wars 2 player ! I like make skins for my characters and make PvP vidéos.