GW2 Fashion : Master of death, minions and your heart.

Cheap, Unique and easy to get. Showing that skulls can attractive to!
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Not all norns are big and scary!

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Ithelía shows that necromancers can always add a splash of beauty into their shroud of death. Who said skulls can’t be attractive?!

Want to upgrade your norn too?

Heres what you will need: gear/where to find/dye(s) used
  • Head: Sheepskin Circlet (Cultural T1Celestial
  • Shoulder: Sheepskin Mantle (Cultural T1) Celestial, Starry Night
  • Chest: Havroun Doublet (Cultural T2) Celestial, Starry Night
  • Hand: Havroun Gloves (Cultural T2Starry Night
  • Leg: Acolyte Pants (Trading PostMidnight Blue
  • Foot: Havroun Shoes (Cultural T2) Celestial, Starry Night
Why I like this set:
  1. The gear is very cheap to buy and easy to find.
  2. No dungeon farming needed.
  3. It is unique, I have yet to find anyone else using the norn light cultural armor.
  4. It fits with any class that can use it.
  5. Doesn’t need expensive dyes to make it look good/can work with many dye combinations.

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