GW2 Fashion: Pursuit of Pants with Pockets Produces Payoff for Modern Hero

New threads in Tyria: a therapeutic endeavour? Contemporary legend Salal weighs in.
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Salal, a level 80 human Mesmer hailing from the surprisingly clean gutters of Divinity’s Reach, experienced a meteoric rise from his ragamuffin beginnings to become one of the leading adventurers in Tyria.

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He has overcome numerous attempts at discrediting, the worst and most recent attack stemming from the public revealing of his personal fanfiction “blogscrolls” featuring none other than Logan Thackeray, his former mentor and a hero he had worked with closely in the fight against Zhaitan. “When unfortunate situations such as these arise,” says Salal, “the best way to cope is with a little retail therapy.”

After treating himself to a total makeover kit, he began one of his most time-consuming adventures to date: finding the right pair of pants in Tyria. “See, I’m not caught up in traditional gender norms but there’s something so…drapey about most of the styles I see these days. I feel like I’m dragging a flag around every time I jump.”

After visiting karma vendors throughout every corner, frequenting crafting stations and carefully evaluating the goods of his cultural armorsmiths, he found himself pairing a mostly masquerade outfit with a simple pair of transmuted student pants — a fitting homage, he said, to his time as a student of the Durmond Priory. It’s the pockets that make it, he claims, adding that he could never quite get on with “those bags that hang off your belt”.

When pressed about his personal style he says, “It takes a little mixing and matching and I’m really inspired by the Pale Tree and my Desert Rose when it comes to colour. I guess the rose has been really growing on me lately,” he adds with a wink.

In actuality, his primary dye is Papaya with blocks and stitching of White and Country Teal

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