[GW2 Fashion] Striking Mists Warrior – Coral

Coral might seem like an easy target in a fight, just make sure it is the right one!
A destructive force not be taken lightly
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Coral will make quick work of foes who dare take their eyes off of her. Just try and keep up with her images and watch out for her manta of distraction, it will leave you with very few options if you’re caught off guard.

On occasion, Coral can be spotted leading the Tarnished Coast militia against the various invaders in the mists. She recklessly forgoes armor in favor of powerful phantasms and mind games as her only substantial armor. 

Arrogance and fearlessness is her undoing, but that’s a sword that can cut both ways. Coral delights in finding out which side of the blade you’re on…

~Pictured in Ascalon Settlement in Gendarren Fields~

 “Let’s fight! I am not scared of Invaders!”

 “Glass cannon thief? Oh god, I’ve made a huge mistake.” 

“That Asura is cute…” 

“What is over here…”

“Oh it is the ‘Look Like Coral’ Guide!”

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