Halo 2: Okay, Purple Hearts For Everybody!

Survivor Internship Family Member Interview: My Brother Rocks!

Survivor Internship Family Member Interview: My Brother Rocks!
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My little brother Robert is one of the best gamers I know, and I like to take full credit for that.

When I got my first console, a Playstation, he was about a year old, and being the cool big sister of 7 years he wanted to spend time with me, and I was pretty into Crash Bandicoot then and didn’t want to be bothered by a baby, so I improvised. He got handed a controller that wasn’t plugged into anything and would sit there for hours mashing buttons.

We’ve had our ups and downs gaming together; he lost the back off my GameBoy Colour when we had swapped to make them look cooler (purple on green and vise versa), and then he proceeded to delete my Pokemon Yellow Game which had 142 Pokemon on it. I nearly committed Sibling-cided that day.

We rock the geek chic look

At the end of the day though, he’s my baby brother and he rocks, so here is a little interview I did with him.

What’s your favourite game and why?
I guess, after some thought, it would have to say that my favorite game would have to be Halo 2, it may not be a very recent game, or have the best graphics, but it was a defining game for me. 

I know that a lot of people hated the game for its ending but by the time I got to Halo 2, Halo 3 was already out (although i never played Halo 3 till quite some time after that) so I wasn’t too bothered about the ending.
The game itself had some groundbreaking levels, some I must have played at least 100 times over, especially the level with the scarab.

I found the game itself amazingly fun, especially when it came to multiplayer; it had some great maps to play on. Personally, it got me into gaming, I mean, I was already into gaming but Halo 2 got me deeper into it, more than any other game has done since.

Halo 2 also got me into the entire Halo series, because of it, I’ve read all the books and graphic novels, I’ve got the film on blu-ray and even got the short anime series that they done. I guess my life just wouldn’t be the same without it.

What’s your first gaming memory?
Sonic the Hedgehog – Green Hill Zone – our Uncle had it on the Megadrive (The Genesis).

If you could be any computer game character who would it be and why?

I would be Sora from Kingdom Hearts. He has it set in life, I guess everything I want.

What is your least favourite game?

It has to be Cameo, an early release title for the Xbox 360. I hated every last moment; the gameplay, the story and the worst of all, the glitches. I came across a glitch more often than I did a bad guy. 

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