Hammer Labs Talks About Developing for Ouya

What's it like developing for Ouya? The team at Hammer Labs tells us.

What's it like developing for Ouya? The team at Hammer Labs tells us.

Hammer Labs caught up with us and chatted about what it’s like to develop for Ouya using Unity. They are creating Sky Arena as a launch title for the upcoming platform.

Sky Arena, was selected as a finalist for the Ouya Create Contest! Check out more about Sky Arena and learn how you can join them for pre-launch playtests.

Why did you choose to develop for the Ouya?

Hammer Labs: “The Ouya is very exciting for us. We absolutely love the idea of offering a gaming console for little money and filling the in-house online store with free2play games and free demos. Another aspect is that it has never been easier for indie developers to work on a console title. Compared to Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft the entry barriers are quite low.”

What challenges have you encountered developing for Ouya?

Hammer Labs: “The one and only challenge when it comes to developing for the Ouya is that it has not been released yet. We have no dev-kit, so it is just guesswork if the game will run smoothly (currently it doesn’t) or if there will be any other problems regarding the game’s performance (there are).”

What excites you most about developing for Ouya?

Hammer Labs: “It was the chance of creating a launch-title for a console that got us. It might be the last chance for years or even decades. Especially for a small studio like us. We are crunching hard to seize that rare opportunity.”

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