Happauge HDPVR 2 Gaming Edition – Unboxing and Review

Reviewing Happauge's HDPVR Gaming Edition 2!
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The Happauge HDPVR used to be the top of the line when it came to High Definition game capture. With the market becoming more competitive by the day, Happauge is now fighting to stay in line with the rest of the competition. 

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Happauge’s new HDPVR, Gaming Edition 2, is a great sign from Happauge! This wonderful piece of hardware is a beauty. Finally they caught on with the rest of the competition and made their product support HDMI to HDMI (instead of the 12 cables that were previously required), which was one thing that set the competitors apart from Happauge.


Happauge also added a press-to-record button on the exterior of the device. When both the host computer and the console are on, the player can record instantly by pressing  said button! Easy right?

The “press-to-record” button is located on the front left hand corner of the device.

Size comparison between the original HDPVR and the Gaming Edition 2 is night and day. The Gaming Edition 2 is nice and slim (although it still takes up a lot of real estate) it is a huge improvement from the original HDPVR.

The Gaming Edition 2 is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

The main reason Happauge’s new HDPVR Gaming Edition 2 isn’t flying off the shelves is the software. Happauge has provided the worst capture and edit software on the market. It crashes often, it is slow with processing the raw videos, it is constantly updating, and sometimes the software won’t even open! The biggest feature Happauge is missing is “ghost recording”, which a lot of the other competitors have mastered. Ghost Recording allows the user to go back to previous live footage and record from a prior starting point (which can be very useful), where as the current Happauge software only lets you record in real time.

Happauge’s new hardware is a huge improvement over previous models, they need to fine tune their software in order to be legitimate capture device competitor!However, the market changes quickly, and hopefully Happauge can catch up with the times.  

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