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Here’s How This Mysterious Character from X & Y Could Play a Role in Pokemon Legends: Z-A

AZ is one of the most mysterious and tragic characters in all of Pokemon. Here's how his story might influence Pokemon Legends: Z-A.

Pokemon Legends: Z-A is primed to take us back to Lumiose City of the Kalos region. In Pokemon X & Y, we were introduced to a mysterious character named AZ, who made several appearances throughout the games and shared details about this region’s history. In line with what we know of his story so far, here’s how AZ could play a role in Legends: Z-A next year.

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The Kalos Region Once Had a King Named AZ

Throughout X & Y, a character named AZ gives us all the details about the history of Kalos. We learned that the region was devastated by a harrowing war over 3,000 years ago, during which Pokemon were treated as pawns. As a result, countless lost their lives in an effort to defend Kalos.

Eventually, it’s revealed that AZ was the region’s king. At the time, he shared a deep bond with his partner Pokemon, Floette, which met its untimely demise during the war. Overcome with grief, AZ built a machine in an attempt to bring his beloved Pokemon back to life. He was successful, though the resurrection of his Floette wasn’t enough to quell the rage he felt having lost his partner in the crossfire.

AZ stares into the sky in Pokemon X & Y
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In a last-ditch effort to end the war once and for all, AZ reworked the machine he’d built to create the ultimate weapon — the same machine Team Flare possesses in present-day Kalos.

The grief-stricken king achieved his goal by taking out both sides, and this came at a great cost. Aware of the lives that were taken in place of its own, Floette abandoned AZ. Without his partner, the king would wish for the return of his beloved Pokemon for thousands of years to come. Meanwhile, Team Flare would formulate a plan to use his machine to restore beauty to the Kalos region once more.

AZ Was Reunited With His Long-Lost Floette in X & Y

Fortunately, AZ’s story did have a happy ending. Once you’ve saved the Kalos region from Team Flare and become the Pokemon League Champion in X & Y, you meet with the former king one last time for a battle. Out of respect for his estranged partner, I chose to take him on with my partner Pokemon, Greninja.

Admittedly, this wasn’t a tough fight. Although, it certainly tugged at my heartstrings to take down AZ’s team knowing what he’d lost. As it turns out, though, this loss is just what he needs.

AZ reunites with Floette in Pokemon X & Y
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After thanking you for the battle, AZ admits he now feels free of the guilt he carried for creating the ultimate weapon and taking so many lives. Miraculously, the former king’s long-lost Floette then descends from the sky and into its trainer’s hands after 3,000 years.

AZ’s Story Might Foreshadow the Events of Legends: Z-A

In X & Y, we witnessed AZ’s story from beginning to end. Following the announcement of Legends: Z-A, fans are now theorizing that we might see similar events unfold — from the end back to the beginning. This could be reflected in the game’s title, which seems to mirror the former king’s name. Now, there are a couple of reasons why I think this theory is totally plausible.

First, the reveal trailer for Legends: Z-A features bits and pieces of an urban redevelopment plan. This is described as “a vision of beautiful coexistence between people and Pokemon.” Call me crazy, but it sounds to me like Team Flare is cooking up a new plan to take over Lumiose City.

Redevelopment plans for Lumiose City in Pokemon Legends: Z-A
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In this case, we can turn to the animated series to gather some insight. The final season of Pokemon XY largely takes place in Lumiose, the setting of the next Legends entry. With the ultimate weapon at their disposal, Team Flare seeks to bring the region back to its former glory. However, the Legendary Pokemon, Zygarde, stands in their way. Of course, Ash and his friends manage to save Kalos in the end.

This brings me to the implication that Zygarde will serve as Legends: Z-A’s reigning Legendary Pokemon. All things considered, it would make sense for the game to follow the formula of the anime. However, I’d assume Game Freak and The Pokemon Company would likely tailor these events to incorporate details from AZ’s story into the next game. Perhaps the region’s king and Floette may know how to stop the weapon and save Zygarde.

In true Legends fashion, the rest is history. At least, that’s the theory. For now, it seems like AZ might play a role in the events of Pokemon Legends: Z-A. Although, only time will tell. As we await more news from The Pokemon Company, check out 10 new Mega Evolutions we’d love to see in the upcoming entry.

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