Horror Game Inspired Halloween Costumes

Horror games not only inspire fear, but they also spawn amazing costumes. Take a gander at some iconic horror games and the cosplays they have influenced.

Fall is here, cooler weather is setting in and Halloween is just around the corner. Holiday themed candies are starting to find themselves on the shelves and scary movies are playing on repeat. Chatter about potential costumes starts filling the air. Looking to scare the neighborhood trick-or-treaters? The following costumes were inspired by some of the best horror games. Take a look at five of the scariest horror game inspired costumes. 

Alien Queen by Beau Peep

Alien: Isolation

Inspired by the Alien movies, Alien: Isolation takes place after the original Alien occurs. Ripley's daughter goes looking for her mother after hearing about the Nostromo's discovery. There she finds the ship to be infected by aliens and the queen still breeding. Beau Peep did a phenomenal job with her Alien Queen cosplay, bringing the salivating, shrieking terror to life.  

The Puppet by Rochelle Aycoth

Five Nights At Freddy's 2

FNAF 2 expanded on its cast of jump scare characters when it introduced The Puppet. A sinister being who attacks as soon as the music box stopped, its cracked face and open mouth were sure to induce a fright. Rochelle Aycoth's portrayal of The Puppet is spot on and super creepy. 

Willow by Helen Stifler

Don't Starve

While some may argue that Don't Starve is more survival than horror, the Tim Burton-esq art, being attacked by savage beasts and the simple survival aspect, make it just as creepy and nerve wracking as any other horror game. Willow, the second character you can play as in the game, loves to set fire to things with her lighter when she gets stressed. Helen Stifler has the hair on point, and the fire effect brings Willow to life.  

Ada Wong by UchihaSayaka

Resident Evil 

Resident Evil spawned not only many video games, but also a hit movies series, various articles of merchandise and numerous cosplays. Ada Wong, a main character of the series, is brought to life while fighting for her life by UchihaSayaka. From the action shot, to the outfit, to the crossbow, everything is dead on. 

Butcher and Nurses by Plastic Anime, Others Unknown

Silent Hill

Silent Hill is easily one of the scariest games around. Effects include: blood everywhere, various disfigured nurses chasing after you, and gooseebump-inducing music. Not only that, but it has been made into a horror movie series as well. Here the Butcher and some nurses are getting ready for their next slaughter. Spine chilling.

These costumes are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to horror. Will you embrace the spooky side of Halloween and wear a horror game inspired costume? Let us know in the comments what game inspired your costume!