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How is Maria Related to Mary in Silent Hill 2?

Silent Hill 2 doesn't hide that Maria and Mary are connected, but what's their relationship?

The town of Silent Hill draws in people who are usually plagued with negative emotions. However, it seems that residents can also be doppelgangers of those the protagonists loved. When it comes to James’ loved ones, how is Maria related to Mary in Silent Hill 2?

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Silent Hill 2: How Maria and Mary Are Related

Maria is the spitting image of Mary, who died before James arrived in Silent Hill. The biggest differences between the two would be their hairstyle and clothing. But aside from that, even their voices were the same. There’s a reason for these similarities, and that’s because Maria is a manifestation of James’ wish to see Mary again, but in an idealized form.

How Mary’s Death Affected James

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James accelerated Mary’s death by smothering her with a pillow, but she wouldn’t have lived even if he hadn’t. Mary’s illness was terminal, and that fact made her lash out more often. As a result, she turned into somebody James found difficult to be around. James started drinking more to cope with Mary and her inevitable death, as well as her new personality born of despair and anger.

After her death, James felt guilty and drove to Silent Hill. It’s a place he visited with Mary in the past and a place she wanted to visit again. As he deals with his guilt and desire to be punished, he comes across Maria. And it turns out that even Maria isn’t sure how she ended up in Silent Hill or why.

Maria’s Origins in Silent Hill 2: Born from a Wish

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In Silent Hill 2: Born from a Wish, Maria is the protagonist. This way, we see part of Silent Hill from her perspective. Maria isn’t sure who she is, but seeing James triggers memories of him that belong to Mary. We learn that Maria’s birthplace is Silent Hill, but her confusion about her own identity and how she got there add to the idea that she was born from James’ wish to see Mary again in an idealized form. 

Even the title of this scenario adds to that theory, making it the most likely explanation for how Mary and Maria are connected. Maria is a culmination of James’ desires and, somehow, Mary’s memories. Perhaps a piece of Mary’s soul found its way to Silent Hill, where she wanted to visit with James again, and it combined with his wish to form Maria.

And that’s how Maria is related to Mary in Silent Hill 2. With the remake releasing this year, it’ll be interesting to see if more hints about their relationship is given in the direct game. Or even if Born from a Wish will be included. From here, check out more spooky content like all Silent Hill main games, ranked or the best way to play Silent Hill 2 before the remake.

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