How Social Media Has Changed Gaming

How has social media affected your gaming?

How has social media affected your gaming?

In the current day of gaming we’re faced with many pressures that can influence the gaming experience. One of those major influences is the social media. With social media comes greatness, with headlines of new games and releases, but it can also spoil the game. It’s difficult to browse through a game’s description or information without seeing some type of spoiler or tips to play, which can stunt your imagination in video games.

Back in my day..

Back in the ‘good old days’ of gaming with the NES and Super Nintendo, there really wasn’t an internet to rely on for personal use. You would have to figure out video games for yourself, spending hours working on that little puzzle that flew right over your head. It might have taken more time, but the feeling after accomplishing the game on your own was amazing. Not to mention, all the glitches and cheats people found out about the game weren’t spread around, ruining it for others.

 In the current day

Today we rely on YouTube or websites similar to watch playthroughs, walkthroughs, cheats, or even tips to play a game.

An example would be Portal. That game can have some difficult puzzles and easter eggs, which are all viewable on YouTube as walkthroughs. I have had to look up a few puzzles due to their difficulty, and that I didn’t have the days to spend working on the game. I wouldn’t say I’m proud of it, but as a college student and having other obligations, I can’t devote weeks to playing one game.

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So I guess if you couldn’t tell, my view is that as social media has its bonuses, but it also has drawbacks with people who are very independent gamers. What do you think? Are you a person who loves looking up walkthroughs and cheats, or do you prefer to play the game without knowing what to expect? Leave me a comment below!

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