How to Avoid PAX-POX

There are ways to avoid the cold that has become known as PAX-Pox. If not avoiding it you can shorten its stay.
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With PAX South just around the corner, January 23rd thru 25th, there are some key points to keep in mind to keep yourself and others healthy. There are germs everywhere no matter where you go, but with the crowd size PAX draws there will be a lot of indirect contact. Think about all the ways that germs are passed; controllers everyone touches, handshakes, or even those that just rinse their hands in the restroom. Keep these pointers in mind not only at PAX, but any convention around.

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Wash Your Hands

This one goes without saying and is engraved in our minds, but the truth is a lot of us do not do it. When washing your hands use hot water; in fact use a water temperature you might be a little uncomfrotable using. The hot water AND soap kills the germs. If the option is there use a paper towel. The air dryers actually blow the germs around in the restroom and the paper towel will dry away most of the germs.

Hand Sanitizer

With PAX specifically, people will be touching and utilizing controllers. With controllers there will be people that are not washing their hands. So bring sanitizer and use it after you are done demoing a game. Sure, this isn’t the cleanest route, but it sure does cut down on some germs.

Zinc and Vitamin C

These supplements are sure to cut down on any cold that you might contract. However, you may be able to boost up your system in preparation for PAX with the intake of Vitamin C. While at PAX take the Zinc supplements throughout to keep your immune systems high.

Drink Your Water

Although this one too is common sense there are plenty of us that do not do it. If you drink the reccomended amount of water it will help you to stay healthy. The standard 64 ounces may seem hard to do, but remember every little bit will help.

With large crowds there will be a dew sick people. Sadly, they have the right to be there too; after all they paid for tickets and just came down with sickness at the wrong time. You can prepare yourself and try to fight PAX-POX to every extent. Although these guidelines may not work for everyone it will cut down on your chances of contracting any colds that are usually passed on.

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