The difference between a good Point Guard and a bad Point Guard can be hard to tell. Follow these guidelines and the Hall of Fame will come calling. Jordan has got nothing you.

How to make an All-Star Point Guard in NBA 2K16 MyCareer mode

The difference between a good Point Guard and a bad Point Guard can be hard to tell. Follow these guidelines and the Hall of Fame will come calling. Jordan has got nothing you.

In honor of the NBA Finals and the fact that NBA 2K16 is one of the PS4 free games of the month, I have decided to outline how to create the perfect point guard in MyCareer mode. For those of you who want to pour in 50 points a game and never pass, skip to the last point. For those of you who care about everything other than scoring, I urge you to read on.

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Creating the Perfect Point Guard

When creating your point guard, keep in mind that you are playing basketball. You want to be long and tall. Your height should be anywhere from 6’3 to 6’5, and your arm length should be AS LONG AS POSSIBLE. Keeping your arms as long as possible will help you on defense when you would like to accumulate a few more steals. It also helps you lock odwn when defending the perimeter along with getting blocks. If there is one satisfying thing about playing NBA 2K games, it is stuffing your opposition. So make your player tall and make him have abnormally long arms, then you will be on your way.

Favor Shooting and Defense at first, then get balanced

There is nothing more important than shooting the basketball and playing defense. Everything else is second to 1A and 1B. The 6 attributes you can upgrade in NBA 2K16 are Jump Shooter, Inside Scorer, Athlete, Playmaker, Rebounder and Defender. You should completely ignore Inside Scorer because even if you are a taller point guard, you will not be dunking on anyone. You also should pretty much ignore Rebounder, not because rebounding isn’t important but because you can already rebound pretty well from the start so it is not necessary. Jump Shooter and Defender should be your main focus at first. Once those are at a level you are comfortable with, start working in some Athlete and Playmaker attributes — then you will be well on your way to dominating the hardwood.

Use screens to rack up assists


No matter what team you are on, you should utilize the pick and roll. Calling for a screen will allow you to get your defender off of you and should open up either an open shot for you or an open shot for your teammate who just set the pick. This allows you to rack up assists. As a point guard, you owe it to your team to be the floor general and make plays so your first preference should be to find a good open shot and take it. Whether it is you or a teammate taking that shot is what you will have to learn. It does not work all of the time, but the pick and roll is an easy way to get assists along with a high teammate grade.

Ignore the coach

Sheesh, I understand 2K games wants to make a basketball simulation that is as real as possible but this is a terrible mechanic. The coach will offer you some advice and a game plan for you to follow. Don’t follow the advice. You will make too many mistakes trying to tailor your game to the coach’s liking and that will lead to poor performance. Instead, do what works for you.

If you can pick and roll effectively and get rebounds while running the fast break, then do it. If you are making all of your shots then look for your shot. The coach, to put it lightly, is just not important. Care about your teammate grade and care about your stats and the scoreboard but don’t care about what your coach thinks of you. (Shame on you 2K for trying to pigeon hole gamers into playing a style they don’t want to abide to.)

For the scorers, change the difficulty

If you simply wish to pour in 80 points a game with no regard for human life, then change your difficulty to rookie and rack up the points. Heck, maybe even change the quarter length from 6 minutes to 8 or 20. You will be challenging Wilt Chamberlain’s scoring mark in no time.

Baller Status

With these simple tactics, you will be on your way to creating the most dominant point guard in the game. Not only will you be a solid teammate and a future star, but your point guard will also be able to perform well in MyPark. Follow these guidelines and you will be on your way to super stardom: 

  • Make your PG tall and long
  • Favor Jump Shooter and Defender
  • Ignore Inside Shooter and Rebounder
  • Ignore the Coach
  • For the scorers, lower the difficulty

There you have it, you are now a baller and can lay claim to the NBA crown. Your Point Guard will be an all-around machine if you follow these guidelines. Be sure to pick up NBA 2K16 for free on the PlayStation store right now. NBA 2K16 is available for PS4, PC and Xbox One.

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