What kind of gamer are you?

How Would You Classify Yourself as a Gamer?

What kind of gamer are you?
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Gamers have been pigeonholed since the birth of consoles. And usually these characteristics can be directly linked to personality traits. Some websites have even built personality tests to help you decide what sort of gamer you are.

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Within you group of friends or gaming communities that you actively contribute to, you can literally peg a gaming type to each of your nemeses. But what type of gamer do you think you are? Have a look at the interesting list below and see if you have the traits and quirks of the below classifications.

The gaming addict

These are the types of gamers who own more titles that any of their friends. Whether it’s because they have the financial resources to do so, or they just spend all the money they have on games, they make it their life’s mission to own as many as humanly possible.

They are also the type of gamer who would ace a test like this one entitled ‘How Much of a Gamer Are You?’ by Buzzfeed. Their gaming knowledge is usually vast when it comes to release dates, titles, franchises and characters.

The specialist

We all know a specialist. This is the type of gamer who only has a small amount of video games in their possession, however they are expertly skilled on these titles and well versed on all the cheats and techniques to prevail against 99% of competition.

Specialists can often be fond of the long-running Nintendo franchise games. Although this type of gamer isn’t exclusive to Nintendo, specialists are usually cultivated over time and prefer to hone their skills playing on franchise games because their skills are able to crossover to the next release.

The nerd

This is the type of gamer who is an extension to the specialist, as they own a significant amount games while still be very skilled in many titles. They have an extensive knowledge base and they aren’t scared of sharing their vast expertise. Nerds also feel the need to divulge their wisdom on anyone who will listen, and for the most part can be very polarizing figures.

The elitist

Never the types to shy away from any sort of challenge, the elitist gamers are usually the figures that infuriate a large percentage of gaming communities. They have a very varied but excellent skillset at their disposal and have a reputation that is extremely valuable to them in the gaming world. Their credentials are what set them apart from the average gamer and they aren’t afraid to share their records and stats with other gamers.

The elitist gamer has a habit of only concentrating on a couple of titles in which they are a specialist. When it comes to being an expert on titles, studies have proven that the brain deals with situations that it is experienced in, with logic and no emotion, and that’s how the majority of elitists overcome their opponents. As opposed to a novice or amateur that they may play against who’s brain would react with emotion and tend to think illogically thus failing.

The constant whiner

We all have a friend like this who will continually tell people how good they are at numerous titles but when gameplay begins it tends to play out a lot different. Often things won’t go the way of the whiner and then all hell breaks loose.

As soon as they are faced with adversity, the whining begins. Like someone raking their nails down a blackboard, the incessant moaning about how the other gamers are cheating or that they are using some underhand tactics to win becomes unbearable. 

The trash-talker

There seems to be a growing amount of trash-talkers since the rise of Call of Duty and similar titles. With the aid of a headset, the ability to engage in some unruly banter is now readily accessible for anyone armed with a fast tongue and their target in site.

With it even becoming endless threads on why people trash talk especially after they’ve met their maker, there are sure to be studies undertaken to discover why gamers feel compelled to engage in verbal combat.

If we’re honest, we all fall into some of the much talked about gaming categories. If you know someone who has similar traits to the list above but has additional quirks, let us know below – we’d love to expand this list further.

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