Husky by the Geek Creates Rockin’ FFXIV Cover Songs

Husky by the Geek brings rock to the FFXIV-masses, and then some.
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Every gaming community has heard of Smooth McGroove by now, the man with the Jesus hair and beard that does really nice a capella covers of video game music tracks. Perhaps not surprisingly, this style of song cover has taken off among the gaming community. One YouTube user, Husky by the Geek, does it wonderfully with a Final Fantasy and rock twist.

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So what’s his thing? Doing rock covers of game music tracks, and his few game-related uploads are covers of three notable Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn tracks, the Final Fantasy VII battle theme, and a cover of the Kanto battle theme from Pokemon.

Despite these covers being really good, they are a little light in views. I’ve only seen Husky by the Geek promote his videos on the official FFXIV forums, but I feel they are worthy of much more attention than just that of the game’s fanbase. Check out the Garuda battle theme cover in the header of this article and the three videos below and see just what I mean.

If you like Husky by the Geek’s work, be sure to let him know on his YouTube account or even let him know on Facebook or Twitter! Let him know what you think and give him that confidence boost he needs to keep it up. His tracks can also be found on SoundCloud (only partially) and Band Camp.

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