I Abandoned My Starter I Regret Nothing

I ditched my starter Pokémon. I don't feel bad about it!

I ditched my starter Pokémon. I don't feel bad about it!

The Pokémon franchise has always revolved around starter Pokémon. You only get to pick one, and your scummy rival always ends up with a type advantage, but they’re so adorable! Then they evolve into things that are less adorable. Finally at level 35 or so they evolve again into the true bad-asses they are!

With the latest Pokémon X & Y things are different. You can obtain 3 other starters within the first few hours of play, (including the Mystery Gift Torchic)  which makes your starter seem so much less special. 

Why should I bother with my Chesnaut when I can have an awesome and (mega evolved) Blaziken?



Lack of awesome not pictured.

I don’t feel bad my starter Pokémon is sitting in a box all alone. There are now more than 700 Pokémon. Why should I be tied down to my starter? 

It’s always been implied that your starter Pokémon should be special to you. I disagree. 

Do I feel guilty? No. I have the right to choose my Pokémon. No one can judge me for wanting to have a party made up of legendary Pokémon. Legendary Pokémon are AWESOME!

I cut ties with my starter Pokémon, and I know it sounds crazy, but you can too! 

Join me in the Poké-revolution! We will fight against the oppressive professor Sycamore and use Pokémon he didn’t give us! Stand strong! We can be the very best! Like starters never were! Catching them is the real test, to battle is our cause!

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