I Am Intern, Hear Me Roar: My Time With Gameskinny

Jane! Get me on this crazy thing!... called video game journalism.

Jane! Get me on this crazy thing!... called video game journalism.

As we’re drawing to the close of Orzhov phase, I’d like to reflect on the time I’ve spent here as an intern. It has undoubtedly been an amazing experience for me. Not only have I gotten a chance to sharpen my skills as a writer, but I was teamed up with an amazing and knowledgeable group of people who encouraged and inspired me along the way. At first I was really scared and doubtful of my writing abilities, when I decided…


That was one of the best kicks in the butt I’ve ever given myself, and I’ve done a lot of self-butt kickin’. I love gaming, and to be in a community full of people who have an obvious passion for it as well, displaying it in various and creative ways, awakened a lot of aspirations for my career choices. The amount of information that I know about the gaming industry goes galaxies beyond what I knew when I first started. It was also great to level grind my writing skills and creativity, which were both put to the test throughout my month here. Although I will not be returning for next phase, I hope to come back as a GameSkinny intern again later on.

You’re a survivor!

Join the GameSkinny intern team and become Beyoncé.

If any of my experience sounded appealing to you, you’re in luck! A new Survivor edition of the Gameskinny internship program is starting on August 12th. It’s Tomb Raider themed (and I’m super jelly). For more information, click here

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