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My entry into the Dragon's Prophet Contest!
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I have not played an MMO in about six years.

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Why, you may ask, would I venture into this contest? Well, good reader, I choose to venture precisely due to the fact that I have not played an MMO in six years!

So often critiques come from experts within a certain genre. They pick at a game’s every detail and make comparisons to every well-received title in history. I’m personally guilty of this; but for me to play an MMO would throw me directly into an unfamiliar universe and force me to really pay attention to both the good and the bad of the world. I am of the school of thought that a fresh pair of eyes can potentially show a completely different side to a specific genre or game.

I’m not completely ignorant to the ins and outs of the MMO-verse. I understand the “holy trinity” concept and I know the strategy involved is not only deep, but also difficult. MMOing is like riding a bike: to this day I remember how my main hunter worked in WoW, and though I was never the best, I never met anyone that could pull like me.

I also love getting lost in expansive games with hours of exploration, so I know without a doubt that I can dive into Dragon’s Prophet and really give the world and mechanics the attention they deserve. I would love nothing more than to head out on a mission only to be sidetracked and led into some nook or cranny with new quests and discoveries!

All of this, coupled with my uncanny writing ability (thanks to freelancing and my English degree) and my nearly obsessive passion for gaming makes me the perfect cocktail of experience and novice to cover the event eloquently and thoroughly.

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