I Was Eaten By A Grue: 5 Horrific Ways To Die In Video Games

Some of my favorite deaths in video games
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Over the course of my life, I have died tens, if not hundreds of thousands of times. I’ve been shot, stabbed, drowned, electrocuted and suffocated. I’ve fallen to my death at the bottom of a pit, I’ve been impaled on spikes, I’ve been run over, hit by trains, blown up and even eaten.

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None of it was very nice but, fortunately for me, none of it was real either.

There are plenty of ways for us to die and video games like to remind us that some of them are just downright horrific.

Take these five for example:


5) Fed Into a Fan Head First (Resident Evil 6)

Though this really looks quite horrific I’ve put it at number five, because while there’s a lot of blood and screaming, it would be a quick and relatively painless death due to Leon’s brain being diced into sushi by the meat grinder. Once the brain starts getting chopped, his body would simply automatically shut down so he wouldn’t feel much of anything.

Still though, it makes it onto the list, because while he’s being forced into the grinder, he would be aware he was going to die. It’s ok though, Leon, you killed your killer, so at least you have that.



4) Falling Onto A Large Wooden Spike (Resident Evil 4)

Sorry Leon, but today just isn’t your day, is it?

This one makes it onto the list at number four, because it would be a quick death but it looks like it would sting just a bit. It also has the added fun of not being the death Leon was expecting. He probably thought he was going to end up as floor-pizza, but no. He must have had quite the shock when he seen the huge wooden spike erupt out of his chest like some sort of super chest-burster Alien (more on that later, though).

You can also quite clearly hear Leon’s final breath when he’s halfway down the spike so you know he was aware if it, and you know that it must have hurt.


3) Dismembered By A Hunter/Regenerator (Dead Space)

This one’s got to be on this list for the sheer brutality of it. That Hunter wastes no time letting poor Isaac know whose boss with a swift stab in the chest. As if that wasn’t enough (and believe me that would be enough) the Hunter lifts Isaac off the ground as if he was nothing and begins to pull him apart just for the fun of it.

Because of this, it’s not just incredibly painful, it’s also rather embarrassing for poor Isaac. It’s almost as if the Hunter is saying ‘you’re nothing to me!’ Not very nice at all, especially when you can see your character begging his killer to stop.


2) Sub Zero “Spine Rip” Fatality (Mortal Kombat Series)

This one is at number two, because not only would it hurt like holy hell while he dislocates your neck, but also because he would be able to use your head and spine as a trophy, to display to others. “Oh, what’s that, you ask? Yeah I just straight up ripped someone’s head off and like to keep it as a reminder that I did it..” Quite disturbing if you ask me and certainly not something I would ever want to happen to me, no thank you.


1) Death At The Hands Of Xenomorphs (Alien Trilogy, PS1)

There isn’t one particular death here that I could choose to be the worst, so I’ve decided to put them all. They’re all remarkably tame compared to, say, the Dead Space scene I put at number three, but the reason I put them at number one is because this was the first game I played that actually showed your character dying in such loving and horrific detail. The blood flowing down the background was just grotesque and at the time, I remember it being really disturbing. They’re all quite bad for me, so I had no choice but to combine them and put them at the number one spot.

Well, that’s my list of the five worst ways to die in a video game. Of course, there are hundreds more ways and I’m sure I’ll never experience them all. If there’s any that you feel should have been in the list, please feel free to let me know in the comments and I’ll be sure to check them out.

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