I Wonder How Xbox Feels Now

I'm sorry Xbox. I think this may be the end.
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I saw this and just had to share. I cannot imagine how Microsoft employees must feel when things like this continue to happen. I can’t help but laugh, but put yourself in their shoes..  This is such a grim age for them. I’m seriously scared for them. I shouldn’t have pity for them because of some of the things they are doing with Xbox One, but still.

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Quotes like “Dream on Xbox”, “Keep your POS Xbox One”, and “Nah, I’m good” show how the community are reacting.  I never in a million years expected this kind of reaction to a next-gen Xbox.  Here we are now with things like this happening.

I made a post earlier on in this reveal fiasco stating my thoughts on why I completely understand the direction Microsoft is going with this.  One of my main points to why I understand them doing this is because of how Capitalism works.  They must increase profits to survive.

This is an example of how it can go horribly wrong.  By thinking about your profits entirely over the customers interest, you can push away all of your customers.

I’m sorry Xbox, but every day that goes by it seems we might be saying goodbye forever.

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