If Final Fantasy XV’s Characters Were Animals, They’d Be These

Some of the Final Fantasy XV characters and their animal counterparts, how would they look like?

Some of the Final Fantasy XV characters and their animal counterparts, how would they look like?
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Final Fantasy XV is full of interesting, defined characters and it is one of the strongest points of the game. We could not imagine anyone else than Noctis and his group as the protagonists, a group of normal people that just want to help the prince to accept his destiny and save Lucis.

However, there are other interesting characters like Lady Lunafreya, Emperor Aldercapt, or Ardyn Izunia the Imperial Chancellor, in Final Fantassy XV. We would like to imagine what they would look like if they were all animals! Some of them are really similar to their animal counterparts, while others get their personality just right.

Take a look at the following images to see the characters of Final Fantasy XV and their spirit animals!

Noctis Lucis Caellum - Black Cat

Noctis behaves and looks exactly like a cat, and of course, a black one. The prince of Lucis is as timid as a cat, but that changes once he is surrounded by his loved ones.

His main hobby is fishing and his hair is as black as the fur of the cat shown above. He even likes milk, and can use it to craft powerful spells... something that a cat cannot do, but wishes they could, probably.

Prompto Argentum - Chocobo

One of the things you will soon learn about Prompto is that he loves Chocobos. No wonder that he looks like one! They both have blond hair/feathers.

They are both friendly and curious creatures: Prompto's main hobby is photography, while Chocobos like to explore their surroundings. Lastly, they are very useful, one as a gunslinger and the other as a means of transportation.

Gladiolus Amicitia - Lion

Gladiolus share many of his traits with the lions. Just like one, Gladio has a long mane, considerable strength and scars from fighting. They are both really hairy and like to show off their combat skills in front of their group.

Gladio and his friends could very well be a lion pack if they were animals... kind of.

Ignis Scientia - Wolf

Ignis is the most serious and calm members of the group. He is a strategist, just like a wolf. He is used to study his enemies and elaborate the best plan to engage them in battle. Like an alpha, he takes care of the group, making sure they are all in the best possible shape with his wonderful dishes. Finally, just like his animal counterpart, he can be more friendly that he appears to, making jokes and being sociable with his friends.

Lunafreya Nox Fleuret - White Cat

The youngest Oracle in the History of Final Fantasy XV and the princess of Tenebrae is Noctis' fiancee. We also think she behaves like a cat, but a different one.

Noctis and Luna seem to be like night and day, but that is not the case. They really care about others, but Luna does not have any problem by showing that affection. She is like a white, loving cat -- she even looks like one!

Imperial Chancellor Ardyn Izunia - Red Panda

Ardyn Izunia is a really weird and humorous guy, and no one can tell his real intentions. Just like a tiger, he is both cute and dangerous, with a fabulous clothing style (or fur in the animal case). He waits patiently for his prey and strikes in the perfect moment.

Final Fantasy XV players will have to wait to see Ardyn's true nature.

Emperor Iedolas Aldercapt - Baboon

Emperor Aldercapt is all about becoming the most powerful man in the world, but even that can't save him from his baboon-ish face! Jokes aside, Iedolas has proved to be a really capable man, conquering the vast majority of the world. Baboons are really smart, adaptable and have a robust, direct personality, just like Iedolas himself.

And that is it for the Final Fantasy XV characters and their animal counterparts. What do you think of them? Do you agree or not? Can you suggest new spirit animals and Final Fantasy XV characters? Leave your comments below!