Who's that Overwatch Hero? Find out what your favorite Heroes would be if they become a part of the Pokemon Universe!

If Overwatch Heroes were Pokemon, They’d Be These

Who's that Overwatch Hero? Find out what your favorite Heroes would be if they become a part of the Pokemon Universe!
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Pokemon and Overwatch are two huge franchises in the gaming industry -- and both have some the most unique, entertaining, and relatable characters of any franchise on the market today. Each Pokemon and Overwatch Hero hold a different set of personalities, abilities, and attributes that overlap. And fans have noticed.

Because of these similarities, fans have begun imagining their favorite Pokemon as their favorite Hero, such as Pikachu Tracer and Gyarados Hanzo. But what if it was the other way around -- Overwatch Heroes as Pokemon?

Based on abilities and instincts, these Heroes could very well be these Pokemon in the Pokemon Universe!

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Widowmaker as Umbreon

When it comes to hunting their enemies, both Umbreon and Widowmaker know what's best. Umbreon preys with great stealth by hiding in the dark and waiting for the enemy's next move, just like this Hero. Once it sees an opportunity, Umbreon attacks, heading straight for the throat. This Pokemon takes Widowmaker's line, "One shot, One kill," to a whole new level.

Bastion as Porygon 2

Porygon2 was created by humans with a purpose to travel in space, and it can perform abilities such as Recover, Signal Beam, and Magic Coat. Like Bastion, it is programmed with artificial intelligence, so it can develop emotions and act on its own. A machine body with an emotional soul -- Bastion would become Porygon2 in the Pokemon Universe.

Lucio as Loudred

Overwatch fans know how Lucio can drop mad beats in battle, and like Lucio, Loudred can too. Trainers know this Pokemon's ablity projects ultrasonic waves through the round speakers atop its head, causing its foes to become deaf. Although it isn't as quick as Lucio, both Pokemon and Hero know how to use sound as a deadly weapon.

McCree as Marowak

During his Blackwatch missions, McCree always trusts his Peacekeeper to get the job done. Similarly, Marowak trusts its bone as a key weapon when performing defensive and offensive abilities. Because Marowak is a skilled fighter with his bone, like McCree with his gun, this Overwatch Hero would become a cool Marowak.

Ana as Fearow

Being the deadliest sniper in Overwatch, Ana neither never misses nor gives up. Like Ana, the all bird-type Pokemon Fearow holds a special ability called Keen Eye, which prevents this Pokemon from missing. Along with this ability, Fearow has high and strong stamina, just like Ana's spirit. Because of its strong character and high accuracy, Fearow is the perfect Pokemon for Ana.

Pharah as Skarmory

Just by looking at Pharah's armor, any Pokemon and Overwatch fan would think Pharah should be Skarmory. With a protective steel armor, Skarmory's sharp-edged wings can cut through enemies, and although it may look heavy, this Pokemon can fly as fast as 190 mph. Like Pharah, this Pokemon performs deadly attacks from the air by relying on its steel armor

D.Va as Venusaur

Don't let the bright colors fool you -- D.Va's tank has high defenses, close range guns, and an ultimate ability that can obliterate the enemy. Just like D.Va, Venusaur has high special defense and attack stats, and by using its flower, this Pokemon can absorb energy from the sun to perform powerful attacks like Solar Beam. In the Pokemon Universe, D.Va would make an awesome Venusaur.

Orisa as Kangaskan

During Overwatch matches, Orisa uses her firepower against her enemies while keeping her teammates safe. Similarly, Kangaskan can perform hard-hitting attacks, such as Mega Punch and Hammer Arm, while protecting her own child. Orisa would be an awesome Kanagsakn with its heavy attacks and mother-like nature.

Symmetra as Gardevoir

While wanting order in society, Symmetra alters hard-light to create her world. Gardevior can use psychic abilities to manipulate living and non-living things while being able to generate black holes. With its graceful movements and psychic abilities, Symmetra would be an awesome Gardervior by controlling reality. 

Mei as Sealeo

Mei may not have a cold personality, but she is definitely the ice queen of Overwatch. Just like Mei, Sealeo knows how to use ice attacks during a Pokemon battle with attacks like Hail, Blizzard, and Ice Ball. With this cute face and ice abilities, Mei would be the perfect Sealeo if entering the world of Pokemon.

Zenyatta as Medicham

Zenyatta's peaceful and spiritual personality makes this Overwatch character a favorite of fans. Similarly, Medicham acts spiritually through mediation in order to increase its energy and sixth sense. Not only do they look similar, but Medicham's body movements are both elegant and swift, making Zenyatta the perfect match for this Pokemon.


Other types of Pokemon could match these eleven Heroes, such as Nidoqueen with Orisa or Ekans with Widowmaker. However, because of its nature, type, and abilities, these eleven Pokemon are the perfect matches for our favorite Overwatch Heroes.

If other Overwatch Heroes, like Genji or Mercy, enter into the Pokemon universe, which Pokemon would they be? Let us know in the comments below!

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