The universe of Don't Starve expands with multiplayer and all-new content.

If You Haven’t Played Don’t Starve in a While, Here’s What You’re Missing

The universe of Don't Starve expands with multiplayer and all-new content.

The 2D rogue-like survival adventure game has grown in size and scope since its 2013 debut, adding a multiplayer game that lets you play with friends and strangers alike.

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At its core, the game has always dropped players right in the middle of a harsh, uncaring world with only one rule: don’t starve. From a variety of playable characters, each with their own specialties and survival styles, and a number of dangers ready to destroy, you learned how to play by dying… a lot.


2016 has brought us Don’t Starve Together, the standalone multiplayer version of the game that includes the “Reign of Giants” content. The game expands not only the environment, enemies, and items to craft, but also provides an episodic feature. New Reign: Part 1 is the current episode and part of a series of updates planned for the game.

On November 3 2016, a beta update was released that fixed bugs within the game and includes new content like an enemy called Bee Queen, complete with an army of Grumble Bees, to baby pets and fences.

The developers plan on releasing more content, making this fun and difficult survival horror even more irresistible.

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