Don't Starve Together Just Got a Free Expansion with Reign of Giants

The monumental update added in by Reign of Giants comes with several additions to the multiplayer game.

Earlier this week Klei Entertainment updated the steam early access version of Don’t Starve Together with the series’ Reign of Giants expansion freely added in. This bonus addition to the already phenomenally successful base game comes both as a thank you to newcomers who may have gotten one, but not the other.

For those who don’t know, Don’t Starve is an indie title released by Klei Entertainment way back in 2013. It was an early access title that originally spawned from a 48hr game jam 2 years prior. Since then, Don’t Starve has become a mainstay in the open world sandbox genre and released two expansions: Don’t Starve Together and Reign of Giants expansion for free.

As in the base game, Don’t Starve is about being sucked into an alternate world and surviving. In the story mode, the player navigates through several worlds or levels confronting the villain Maxwell and his machinations. During the game the player will be challenged with dangerous creatures, keeping their sanity, and of course avoiding starvation.

The monumental update added in by Reign of Giants comes with several additions to the game that both keep it interesting and appealing for those who still have the base game but have yet to upgrade. Along with several new characters, seasonal giant boss monsters and even more difficult challenges, Don’t Starve Together is now poised to be the quintessential experience in the survival sandbox genre.

Don’t Starve Together & Reign of Giants dropped this Tuesday on Klei Entertainment’s official forums.


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Published Apr. 27th 2015
  • Autumn Fish
    Featured Correspondent
    Its cool to see Klei finally managed to implement Reign of Giants into Don't Starve Together. It's a fantastic game. Can't wait until they implement Don't Starve Together into the base game. Maybe it'll be soon? They are releasing a "Definitive Edition" on the Wii U called Don't Starve: Giants Edition, supposedly in May. It has the same sales pitch as the Don't Starve Together Frontier Packs, where you get an extra code for the game to send to a friend. Maybe Multiplayer will be fully integrated around that time?

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