Indie World March 2020: Sequels, Timed Exclusives, and Puzzlers Abound

The latest Indie World showed off enter the Gungeon's sequel, a new Hello Games title, puzzlers, exclusives, and much, much more.

It’s not a 2020 Nintendo Direct, but the March Indie World presentation was packed full of exciting and interesting new indie titles heading to Nintendo Switch.

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The one thing that unites them all, though, is that all of them are basically timed exclusives on the system. Here’s a rundown of what was shown and what we can expect as 2020 moves along. 

Exit the Gungeon

As usual, Nintendo saved the game with the biggest hype factor for last: Exit the Gungeon. It looks like it brings with it all of the insane action and quirky style of Enter the Gungeon, which makes sense given Exit picks up right where Enter ended.

It’s packed full of hundreds of weapons, enemies, and random rooms. More importantly, Exit the Gungeon launches later today as a timed exclusive on Switch.

Blue Fire

Blue Fire is a slick-looking action game featuring a deadly little chibi character and myriad gorgeous environments. Coming from Robi Studios, Blue Fire seems to be as much a 3D platformer as an action game, and it’s one we’re definitely keeping an eye on ahead of its Summer 2020 release date. Blue Fire is a timed Switch exclusive as well.


Baldo‘s been in the works for a long time. It’s a lovely, expressive anime title in the visual style of Ni No Kuni that focuses on Zelda-style dungeon and open-world exploration. Baldo finally launches summer 2020 and is another timed exclusive on Switch.

I Am Dead

Annapurna Interactive’s latest title is a unique-looking title called I Am Dead. You’ll take control of a museum curator in the town of Shelmerston. He also happens to be dead.

You’ll save the island by solving a wide range of puzzles and exploring its mysteries and secrets when I Am Dead launches first on Nintendo Switch sometime this year.

Summer in Mara

Summer in Mara from Chibig Games is a unique twist on the farming genre. It follows Koa’s journey as she tries to uncover the secrets of the ocean. To do that, she’ll have to develop an island, survive the weather, make friends, and explore everywhere, as you do. Summer in Mara launches this spring and, surprise: it’s a timed exclusive.

The Good Life

The Good Life takes place in Rainy Woods, the happiest place on earth — except at night, when everyone turns into an animal. White Owls Inc. describes The Good Life as a repayment sim RPG, where you use all your animal skills to uncover mysteries and pay back your debts in a charming, rural British town. The Good Life launches on Nintendo Switch sometime this year.

The Last Campfire

Hello Games is working on a new title called The Last Campfire that’s all about hope and empathy. It follows Ember as she solves puzzles and brings light to the darkness surrounding the manifold people and animals she encounters. Light looks like it’s literally life in The Last Campfire, too.

It’s got a lovely and expressive visual style and an emotive trailer song as well, but no, we’re not sniffling. You’re sniffling.  The Last Campfire launches on Nintendo Switch this summer.


Faeria, a card-based MMO, has been out for a while, and it’s coming to Nintendo Switch in March. You’ll build your deck, per usual, and you’ll also build the maps you play on in each battle. Even though it functions as an MMO, Faeria offers a sizeable single-player campaign and PvP mode as well. Faeria will include cosmetic packs available as DLC on the eShop as well.

Eldest Souls

Eldest Souls has you slaying gods in a boss-rush battler that’s basically the indie version of Dark Souls. It’s brutal, you’ll die, and you’ll agonize over your skill buildout to try and survive the next time around. Eldest Souls looks ghoulishly delightful, and it launches on Nintendo Switch this summer.

And that was that. March’s Indie World presentation didn’t have any major stand-out titles or shockers, but there’s no denying the Switch has a lot of indie goodness coming over the course of 2020. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more indie game and Nintendo Switch news as it develops.

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