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Online Gaming Requirements.
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    Microsoft are apparently according to “AlphaOmegaSin” In a Youtube video considering making the new Xbox online only. Don’t have an online connection? HOW ARE YOU READING THIS? “GIEF MAD TELEHPAFY SKEELZ PLX.”

   Point being according to AlphaOmegaSin Microsoft are considering keeping the consoles online only. To what benefits? Less copyright? More online gaming? To keep a firm hold of our nuts (metaphorically) as we inadvertently let them know our every pressing of buttons?

Insanity wolf Meme

    Microsoft according to several articles have not denied the idea of their console being online only.

    The video explains all. Thank you AlphaOmegaSin.


    Cue the dictatorship of gaming as proceeded by Microsoft.

    If this is incorrect, please comment.

    I would love input…




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