Insight to the Mastery of the Future

Follow Shoduran in a look at possible mastery ideas from the fans for League of Legends.

Follow Shoduran in a look at possible mastery ideas from the fans for League of Legends.

Two complete seasons have transpired over League of Legends, and every new season has begun with a complete overhaul over the masteries every summoner can use. While this is nothing new to any long-time summoner, and there is no current news of an upcoming change in the mastery system yet, I’ve come to you with something new and possibly thought-provoking.

What Is Yet to Come?

My teammates found recently an entirely new mastery calculator for League of Legends, and while it appears to be fan-made, it poses a few ideas and changes to the current mastery tree system.

“Wow, that’s a lot of features.”

Located here, the page offers a little of the current features attributed to the Season 3 mastery trees plus a little extra. Familiar masteries include Deadliness, Weapon Expertise, and Brute Force in the Offensive tree; Durability, Unyielding, and Juggernaut are still in the Defensive tree; Finally, Greed, Runic Affinity, and Awareness are in the Utility tree.

Some sample new additions include:


  • Irritating (Your first ability or basic attack against a champion deals bonus true damage equal to 1% of the target’s current health over 3 seconds)
  • Inspire (You grant an aura that grants +1 Attack Damage and +2 Ability Power to you and your allies)


  • Dominant (Increases your bonus armor by 6% against enemies whose health is below 50%)
  • Confident (Increases your armor by 1 per 20 Attack Damage and your magic resist by 1 per 30 Ability Power)


  • Coward (Increases your Movement Speed by 0.6 for each nearby enemy champion)
  • Reach (Your abilities and basic attack’s range increase by 5%)

These are the most basic ranks of these features, but they’re currently interesting ideas.

What’choo Talkin’ ‘Bout, Willis?

These are not real masteries to be released, but an act in thought by some people in the community.  Give the calculator a look and a try, and you can determine for yourself if some of the ideas are worthwhile or bonkers-OP.

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