Internship: Bastion Phase Begins June 3rd

Our next internship phase begins in two weeks!

Our interns from the BETA Phase have been crazy busy–as you may have noticed. Besides earning cool interviews, landing the front page of select subreddits and showing up (rather frequently) on our Twitter feed, they’ve been hard at work creating quality content and growing as writers.

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Didn’t make the deadline for applications last time? Well, you’re in luck. Applications are opening May 20th, 2013 for the Bastion Phase (note: this is one of Katy’s favorite games–hence the name).

The program begins on June 3rd, 2013.

I realize that some information states that the program begins on June 1st, but that’s a Saturday, so please disregard that snippet.

To apply, reach out to Katy Hollingsworth ([email protected]) for a team application and the general information sheet–be prepared to submit your resume for review. Applications will not be accepted after May 29th, 2013, so mark your calendars!

Skype accounts are required for this internship, but webcams are completely optional.

While class credit is acceptable, this program is unpaid. Class credit is not required–anyone can apply! However, students are responsible for talking with their advisers to determine whether online opportunities will count for credit; they are also responsible for getting the necessary paperwork to Katy.

Our teams are full of great people who have gotten to know one another. This is a great opportunity to garner real life experience in the industry and to meet new people who could become lifelong friends–or even industry contacts later on.

A paid position is the golden egg. A rare prize, but definitely in the realm of possibilities. You never know, you could begin your journey in the industry with GameSkinny.

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