[Interview] Adam “Artix” and The Epic ‘Combat Wedding’ of His Dreams

All weddings are special. This one just happened to be epic.

Adam and Michelle, who you may know as Artix and Trini of Artix Entertainment (game studio behind Adventure Quest Worlds and upcoming Battle Gems), threw an epic battle wedding featuring knights, ninjas, Ironman, Batman, and a host of other villains and heroes, but the story behind it is just as touching and hilarious as it is unique.

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Adam sat down to tell us all about how the wedding came together, and why it was so special to them. Plus what went down at the reception (you will never guess how the cake was cut)!

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Who’s idea was this crazy battle wedding ceremony?

Adam / Artix: “Ever since I was little boy I dreamed of my combat wedding. When I was ten I kind of envisioned there being more giant evil skeletons and dragons but this went wonderfully… amazingly… wonderamazingly.”

Most wedding to do lists read: Buy flowers, get tux. Was yours: Hire ninjas, call Ironman?

Adam / Artix: “Well the first step is finding the amazing woman who not only puts up with this but actually endorses it. I found a rare gem.”

I noticed your Groomsmen wore plate armor, when most of the time they get stuck renting cummerbunds

Adam / Artix: “Yeah – and you thought those were uncomfortable! Well, in our video games we have weddings, and we always have a guy in a suit with armor over the arms. When I went to Jos. A. Bank and told them what we wanted to do, the lady gave me the most unusual stare… I’m going to take the video back to the store and show her how everything turned out.”

So it sounds like your bride, Michelle, was completely on board?

Adam / Artix: “It was kind of amazing. We joked about this, and then I proposed… The second we were engaged she planned the whole thing. Michelle and her friends took care of everything. I told her what I wanted to do, she immediately agreed.”

Did anyone think it wasn’t such a great idea?

We should make it something they’ll remember.

Adam / Artix:Voltaire (a good friend and well known musician) advised me that the wedding should really focus on Michelle and be a special day for her. I approached her later and said ‘hey this wedding is all about you, we can drop it, we don’t have to do a thing.’ Michelle responded:

“This wedding is NOT just about me, this is us celebrating with our friends that we’re sharing the rest of our lives together. We should make it something they’ll remember.”

What was the reception like?

George Lowe, the voice of Space Ghost Coast to Coast narrated cutting the cake, which we cut with the #2 replica of WoW’s Frostmourne – a $20,000 sword.

Adam / Artix: “People have asked ‘why didn’t you do this after the wedding ceremony?’ Because it got even crazier after the ceremony! Every celebrity that’s ever been in the game showed up! The One Eyed Doll – Austin’s #1 punk rock band, showed up and jammed during cocktail hour. George Lowe, the voice of Space Ghost Coast to Coast narrated cutting the cake, which we cut with the #2 replica of World of WarCraft’s Frostmourne – a $20,000 replica.

So where did you find the ninjas who crashed your ceremony?

At the reception, the ninjas all started doing break dancing…

Adam / Artix:Former american ninja warrior contestants played the ninjas. And two of the guys were actually ninjas! One was Drew Dreshell, one of the top competitors from the show.

“At the reception, the ninjas all started doing break dancing, which turned into a giant dance off. It got pretty intimidating, because what do you do when people are doing flips in the middle of the room? Joel Wynkoop who played the hotel manager has been in over 20 movies, and he broke out a Billy Joel song and let loose; it was pretty touching.”

Any other special moments?

Adam / Artix:Voltaire played a set of songs at our reception. I’ve seen his concerts at DragonCon where he plays for rooms of 5,000, and here he is playing the song “When You’re Evil” at my wedding, and my grandparents were dancing to it.

“That’s the sort of thing that stays in your memory forever.”

How did you and Michelle leave the ceremony? Did you take the Batmobile?

Adam / Artix:I like the truth because it always makes for a better story. Michelle never left the dance floor, and Michelle and I were the very last people to leave the wedding. When we left, my Pomeranian wasn’t feeling good – too many people, too much stuff – he’s not a puppy anymore. We actually went out and bought some ibuprofen and went home and massaged him ’til he felt better.”

A huge thank you to Adam for sharing the details of this exceptional wedding! All the best wishes to you and Michelle.

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