Interview: FaZe House Cat

The Cat is back, baby!

The Cat is back, baby!
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Today has been one of the most amazing days yet.

As I got an exclusive look at what it is like to be FaZe House Cat!

There was a few minutes of dialog between the two of us. As he is only 16, I only had a few brief moments to get in touch with him.

Branden Sumerix: So tell me about yourself, where did you start and how did you get to where you are today?

FaZe House Cat: I’m 16 years old. I started Xbox with my dad when I was 5 and ever since took off towards the YouTube community right now I’m apart of the number one clan in the world.

I love where I am only 43 people are apart of FaZe and back in the day With Timid and Cliqs creating FaZe was a start of something big.

BCS: So how is it being one of the “Top Dogs” in the world of Gaming?

FHC: Love it, it’s the best to be #1 in the world. Knowing there’s no one better than you.

BCS: Do you make any money with what you do?

FHC: Yes I do make money from playing COD. We make a good amount of money. More than you would make at the age of 16.

BCS: How often do you practice?

FHC: We practice all the time. Every game we play is a chance to get better!

BCS: Any tips for the average players? The players who try but just can’t do well?

FHC: Yes I have one tip, keep on trying! Don’t let anyone bring you down. Always bring school first and Xbox or ps3 second.

BCS: What is it like to not hold a garbage job and work all the time to make 100 dollars?

FHC: Being in FaZe is nothing like a [cheap 16 year old’s job,] it’s more like working for GameStop.


As promised here is a link to his YouTube channel through the FaZe clan that you can all go subscribe to:

FaZe House Cat is back!

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