Interview with Bad People’s Mike Lancaster

Looking for a card game where you figure out which one of your friends could operate a meth lab? Bad People is what you've been looking for!

Looking for a card game where you figure out which one of your friends could operate a meth lab? Bad People is what you've been looking for!

When you think of card games that you play with your friends, you probably think of Cards Against Humanity. CAH is great, but don’t you want it to be more vulgar with outrageous questions? Say no more.

There is a new card game coming out that will change the way your game nights go. This game will make you laugh, laugh again, and laugh even more as you and your friends figure out which one of them would do crazy things like be a phone sex operator or operate a meth lab. This new card game is called Bad People.

Bad People is a brand new card game that is currently being funded on Kickstarter. The campaign needed to raise $10,000 in 30 days in order to be funded. Turns out, it only needed 10 hours! That is an incredible feat for what is turning out to be a fun card game to play with your friends while having a couple drinks.

Bad People is a card game created by Mike Lancaster. I was lucky enough to talk to Mike about Bad People — and even find out which members of the Avengers are up to no good. 

Joey Marrazzo: How did you come up with the concept of Bad People

Mike Lancaster: I’ve always loved games and felt there was room for a more brutal party game than what was out there. After a few drinks one night I came up with the concept of Bad People where players vote for their friends for hilarious and brutal questions.  I really wanted to push boundaries and also have a cool strategic element to the game.

JM: Describe the ideal situation to play Bad People. Play it with friends? Play it after a couple of drinks?

ML: The ideal situation to play Bad People is with a group of friends having a couple of drinks.  The game can be played between 3 -10 players.  It’s also a great way to get to know new people who are playing the game with you too.  

JM: When people think of card games, Cards Against Humanity seems to be the popular option. Do you see Bad People as a competitor with CAH, or do you feel that both games can share the market?

ML: I’m a big fan of Cards Against Humanity.  It’s an awesome game that really paved the way for other adult party games to exist like Bad People.  There’s definitely room in the market for both CAH and Bad PeopleBad People is different and more harsh than CAH because there’s no pre-written answer cards. In Bad People you vote for your friends playing the game.

JM: Were there any games that gave you inspiration to create Bad People?

ML: Yes, my biggest inspiration was from my favorite game Balderdash and also Cards Against Humanity.

JM: Congrats on your Kickstarter being funded, that’s awesome news. What happens now? Do you plan on selling it after the campaign ends? If so, where can we get our hands on it?

ML: It’s been an amazing ride and I am blown away by the interest and support for Bad People.  The game was fully funded on Kickstarter in less than 10hrs…..mind blown!  After the Kickstarter campaign ends, I will be selling Bad People on our website.

JM: While Kickstarter is a great way to get the word out on this hilarious game, what are your plans to promote it and make sure it makes its way into everyone’s home?

ML:  Bad People is already developing a cult like following and our fans are awesome.   We’re having loads of fun on our Facebook and Instagram pages and will continue to grow our fan base through social media.

I also personally think that the best way to promote a game is through word of mouth.  I want people to tell stories about playing Bad People, that’s how you grow.  Because of this I made a really cool free print and play version of the game that’s available to download on our website.

JM: The cards for the game ask questions about who would do crazy things like be a phone sex operator and who would run a meth lab. If you were playing with The Avengers, what cards do you think each member would be an answer for? 

ML: Who would be the worst phone sex operator?  The Hulk. Most likely to secretly run a meth lab? Iron Man.

Thank you to Mike Lancaster for taking the time to talk to me about this hilarious card game. Bad People will definitely be the new go-to party game when you have your buddies over for dinner or just to hang out. Head over to their Kickstarter and pledge $30 to get your hands on your own copy of Bad People. 

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