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Just who is Ivy Tenebrae and what is she all about? Let's ask her!
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Recently, I was lucky enough to get an interview with the wonderful Ivy Tenebrae, a cosplayer, and Youtuber from the United Kingdom. I asked her a few questions about these two aspects of her life, as well as a few others pertaining to gaming and the industry at large.

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Let’s hear what she has to say!

GameSkinny (Danny): Who are you?

Ivy Tenebrae: That’s a really tough question! I find it hard to pigeonhole myself because I have so many interests! But my main work is in cosplay and modelling. I have a home studio and model pieces for designers and create my own cosplays. I enjoy, particularly, portraying characters I love and giving them life. I try to put everything into what I do and it means a lot that people enjoy my work. I also love gaming and play as much as I can (mostly League of Legends these days) but I’m always wishing I had more time to play!

GS: When did you start cosplaying?

IT: I started cosplaying a few years ago. I actually took a break from modelling and on my first shoot back, (which was with a huge snake!) I decided to take along a Halloween costume I made of Poison Ivy (hence the name ivy) and I stumbled across the cosplaying world. The rest is history!

GS: Who/What inspired you to start?

IT: As I say it was completely by accident that it began. The likes of Yaya Han and Jessica Nigri were the main inspirations I found. Over time the list has grown people like Kristen Lanae, Kristen Hughey, Leanna Vamp and Vera Bambi all really inspire me. 

GS: What is it you do on YouTube?

IT: My YouTube channel is a mix of reviews, unboxing videos, how to videos, behind the scenes of shoots, recorded gaming sessions and me being a general goof. I love the platform and hope to work more on cosplay looks, including the make up aspect in the future.

GS: Out of the cosplays you have done, what are your favorites?

IT: That’s another really tricky question!! Hmm, probably my Janna and Leblanc from League of Legends as they have the most detail so far. But I do very much enjoy working with my favourite cosplay latex designer, Strait Laced Latex. She has created some beautiful pieces for me to model and I can’t wait to show everyone what we have in store next!

GS: What cosplays do you have planned?

IT: Including the project above which I can say is a series of cosplays, I am planning on a Hextech Janna this month. I have a Daphne from Scooby Doo, Raven Bombshell, Fiora from League, Academy Ahri from League, Batgirl and a few others ready to shoot. My main project is a Blood Moon Diana that I’ve started. It’s going to be my most ambitious project yet in its detail.


GS: First video game?

IT: I’m going to show my age here! My first video games were things like Pong, Space Invaders, Pac Man and Centipede on the Atari. My most memorable games after that were Super Mario Bros 3 and Sonic 2. I played them so much they often made me late for school! Another game I loved was Doom I still have the original floppy disk!

GS: Favourite video game series?

IT: My favourite game right now has to be Diablo 3 I think. I just loved the campaign and finding those legendries. I’ll play that through again soon when I get chance. I currently have Resident Evil 7 to play though and I am so excited for it!

Well, there we go. Hopefully, you’ve found out a bit more about Ivy and are interested to find out even more by looking her up!

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I’d like to thank Ivy Tenebrae for the fantastic opportunity to interview her and for putting aside her time to answer my questions. I hope I get another chance soon.

Do you know of Ivy’s work? Did you learn anything new about her? Let us know in the comments!

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