Interview with KSic Games: The Fastest Growing New Gaming Channel of 2014

Karem Mohamed has one of the fastest growing new YouTube channels of 2014, KSic Games. Here's what he has to say about his success and why he feels he's succeeded where so many others struggle.
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YouTube plays host to many people as a source for their various creative outlets, including vloggers, beauty gurus, DIYers, and many more! Among these creative minds are ‘gamers’, ‘let’s players’, whatever you want to call them. Basically, they play games and upload them to YouTube. For a lucky few these videos can lead them to gaming professionally, gaining money from their videos! (I know, I’m as jealous as you are!)

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KSic (Karem Mohamed) has created one of the fastest growing new channels of 2014 with his gaming channel, KSic Games. He has gained over 100,000 subscribers since starting his channel in late September 2013. Here’s what he has to say about his amazing rate of channel growth and a sneak peek behind the life of a successful YouTube gaming personality!

GameSkinny: First things first, what made you pluck up the courage to become one of many gaming personalities on YouTube?

KSic: I love the gaming community and really wanted to be a positive force that would inspire others to chase their dreams.

GS: Why do you personally feel that YouTube lets players, like yourself, are so popular when people can just play the games themselves?

KSic: It’s the power of community and friendship. People don’t just watch because of a game but because of the connection we have made. Also, scary games are… well…. SCARY! Some people are scared to play them and watching others is a lot easier! Plus, watching someone poop their pants for entertainment is always fun!

I agree with that. There’s something oddly uplifting about watching a grown man scream like a girl at a horror game!

GS: How does it feel having your channel grow so fast, and why do you feel you’ve made it when so many other channels struggle?

KSic: Feels amazing! I have been on YouTube since 2006 and understand how Youtube works. I do SEO work for channels that have millions of subscribers. I just get it, if that doesn’t sound narcissistic.

KSic recently talked at a 2014 Vidcon panel for ‘Starting your Channel’. He knows his stuff! 

GS: Tell us the daily routine of a YouTube gamer.

KSic: I Wake Up – Shower – Record – Edit – Post – Go to the office – Edit two more videos for a different channel – Go home – Do some SEO work for a few channels – Sleep

Yes, you read it right… I don’t eat… xD

Wow, that’s a lot busier than I anticipated. Somebody get this man cake – he needs food!

GS: Are there any games that you’re excited to share with your viewers in the future?

KSic: Hmm, I’m excited to play a FULLY fleshed out and realized Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Game. That’s going to be an amazing video and experience!

With KSic’s passion for gaming and determination to make quality content, his channel is growing rapidly. People from all over the world are joining the ‘Sic’ community by the masses, and it’s no wonder why when he so obviously cares about all of his viewers; taking the time to reply to comments, setting up live Google Hangouts and thanking them as often as he can for helping him become the fastest growing new gaming channel of 2014!

This is only the beginning of great things to come for KSic Games. Keep your eyes peeled!

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