Interview with the Studmuffin

I interview my personal studmuffin about his absolute all time favorite game: Bioshock.
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One thing that makes my boyfriend and I work exceptionally well is that we’re both gamer nerds. He’s my studmuffin, and we play numerous games together. But I never could get him to nail down his all time favorite video game. Until now.

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What’s your favorite video game and why?

Bioshock, definitely Bioshock. I loved the revolutionary way they told the story and the unique environment.” 

What about the environment was so alluring?

“Although the 1950s style has been done before, the city had fallen into disarray in a very believable way. It felt like it could have really existed.”

What other details really make the game for you?

“Some people may argue it’s not that revolutionary based on the gameplay of it, however, the game was less about the gameplay and more about the story and experience. It wasn’t a cinematic wonder like The Last of Us or anything, but it was an experience going through the game and finding out what happened to the character and the city. The sounds and the music within the environment really made it believable. The score and effects evoked emotions; it was so sad and sombre as you see the ruins of the city and the music matched the imagery perfectly. Almost like the fall of Rome.”

What did you think of the follow-ups?

“It is widely known that Bioshock 2 wasn’t done by Irrational Games and was expected to be different, I felt it was less substantial. It wasn’t as impactful. Bioshock just set up some high standards.

As for Bioshock Infinite, which was made by Irrational Games, it kind of still followed the formula Bioshock 1 had where your protagonist is still mysterious and ferried to a unique environment looking for answers on why he’s there and what he needs to accomplish. I want to preface this by saying “formula” is a broad and undefined term. What really made Bioshock and Bioshock Infinite stand out were their details. In Infinite, it was again this incredible environment that made you believe that this impossible city did actually exist. The story was very strong and as a player, you always wanted to explore every nook just to learn a little bit more. By the end of each story, the player was left asking, ‘what just happened?’ or ‘I did not see that coming!’ I think that Bioshock (the first) had a bit of a leg up on Infinite because I didn’t have expectations for it. I went in almost virgin minded, wondering what Rapture had in store. Going in with that mentality made the story and the eventual twist that much more impactful. 

Would you want Irrational Games to make another Bioshock Game?

“That is a hard question to answer. If it’s in reference to a sequel, I would have to say no. I think DLC is a perfect alternative to that and a sequel might spoil it. However, if you are referring to another game just as Infinite was another game in the series with no real dependence on the first game, I would say I was open to the idea. It’s clear that, between Bioshock and Bioshock Infinite, Irrational was not just a fluke. They would have a standard to live up to, just as they did with Infinite. Certainly it would be difficult to come up with another extremely unique environment, and they would likely have to look towards another period in time, though assuming Irrational could do it, I would be excited to play it.

How excited are you for the new Bioshock Infinite DLC?

“The Burial Under the Sea series looks to be incredible. I can’t deny that I am very excited to see what Rapture looked like before it went to ruin. As far as the arena mode that is currently available, I think it could be fun. The series is what really captures my attention.”

Thanks for the interview, babycakes. Now I’m going to call you Big Daddy.

“…How about no.”


Thanks for reading! Can you really pin down your favorite game of all time? Let us know below!


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