Introducing the New Next Gen Console….Your Smart Phone?

Hardcore gaming is quickly moving to mobile gaming and here is how.

Hardcore gaming is quickly moving to mobile gaming and here is how.

Consoles and PC’s have been at the forefront of gaming for years, but with the development of iOS and Android devices, they may have to jump over to the passenger’s side. Yes, that’s right, there is a new kid in the gaming town, and it is the smart phone.

With the instant gratification mind-set of this generation that spreads like a wildly contagious disease, it is no wonder that mobile gaming is so popular.  Instead of having to save and scrape up sixty dollars to go out to your local game store (or order online) to buy that console game you have been dying to play, you can simply download some of the newest and hottest things to your smart phone. 

Awesome Titles

Google play and the Apple store have an endless array of hardcore games ranging from MMO’s to RPG’s, to shooters, puzzle games and tactics. Usually these games are rather inexpensive (the highest I found was $15.99), mere pocket change in comparison to what is spent on console games of the same genres.

While many might suspect that mobile gaming lacks quality, this is not the case. Popular titles in the Apple store and on Google Play such as Horn, Order & Chaos, Avabel, Champs, and Infinity Blade put up a fair fight competing with console games on graphics, story, gameplay, and musical score. Classic console games such as Pitfall, Galaga, and Pacman are also a staple for the platform.

Mainstream companies such as Sega, and Square Enix also have a mobile presence with titles such like Sonic the Hedge Hog, Final Fantasy IV, The World Ends With You, and Chrono Trigger all available for download.  More recently, TellTale has made all of their newest games available for iOS.

Cool Gadgets

The low-cost, convenience, and popularity of smart phone gaming has spawned a number of new gaming accessories such as:

  • Mini joysticks simply attach to the screen of a smart phone (or tablet) via a suction cup and instantly you have two thumb joysticks just like you would have on a Playstation or Xbox controller.
  • Smartphone gaming guns allow the player to place their phone inside a special slot in the gun (near the top much like a scope) and blast their frustrations away in this new twist to the shooter genre.
  • Special speakers which enhance the mobile gamers experience and make them feel more “in” the game.
  • Tiny Arcade machines are also there to please the classic gamer. For those who want to relive their glory arcade days there is the Arcadie. The gamer places their phone in the back of the Arcadie, and instantly their phone is transformed into a mini arcade machine.        
Strength in Numbers

While your iPhone won’t be usurping the PS4 or the Xbox One, it offers a great gaming alternative, at a fraction of the cost.

Perhaps the biggest reason that hardcore gaming may be becoming so popular on mobile devices, is because there is no huge, expensive console required…you and millions of others, already hold the superior option in your hands.


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Critley Lynn King

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