Inventor Creates Tutorials to DIY X-Men Powers

Colin Furze, a self professed British garage inventor, sets out to make our dreams of becoming X-Men a reality.

Colin Furze, a self professed British garage inventor, sets out to make our dreams of becoming X-Men a reality.

According to Colin Furze’s website, this enthusiastic man considers himself a “British garage inventor/video maker.” What he really is, however, is a legend to every X-Men fan who once hoped to inherit super powers of his/her own. 

Among many contraptions, videos, and world records found on Furze’s website, the Do-it-yourself X-Men capabilities of Wolverine, Pyro, and Magneto are arguably the most popular.


While Pyro’s X-Men appearances are a bit scarce, that didn’t stop Colin from recreating the mutant’s ability to control fire through his hands. Or, in this case, wrists. 

Through a backpack containing propane, and tubes running up to his wrists, Furze successfully puts on a dazzling display of Pyro’s X-Men powers come to life. Although, I wouldn’t suggest anyone try it at home. 

To watch the full tutorial on how to make your very own flame throwing wrists, you can visit another one of Colin’s videos here. While I’m sure this invention could possibly make you one of the coolest kids in the room, I would suggest leaving the fire-playing to the professionals.


An older invention of Colin’s can be recognized as the infamous retractable claws that fan-favorite, Wolverine, wields as weapons. 

While Colin may not be able to imbue himself, or others, with regenerative abilities or super strength, he did unveil a DIY video to create another version of the iconic weapons that the mutant phenom is famous for. 


You can view the full tutorial here, but I’d like to offer a safety disclaimer once again. I’d also like to point out that even if Colin’s inventions were not as impressive, his antics are enough to captivate an audience for the entire video.


 As if the previous two mutant abilities weren’t worthy enough to make any nerd’s mouth drop open, Colin has also perfected the ability to defy gravity via everyone’s favorite villain, Magneto.

Yes, you are seeing this correctly, this man is walking on the ceiling. It’s enough to make 8-year-old you squeal with excitement, as you watch Furze magnetize his feet and make all of your X-Men fantasies come true. 

While I’m not sure if there’s a way to teach magnetic boots to the general public, you can watch the entire learning process here

Watching these videos are both informative and wildly entertaining as we see Colin prance around with his gadgets, cackling enthusiastically and having the time of his passionate, animated life.

Not only can you see your childhood fantasies in real life, but you can easily see how much joy these inventions bring Colin himself. The liberating fact that you can see his childhood come to life is probably the core of his charm.

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