Is It Time To Start Renting New Gen Games?

Some of the most recent titles have been flair over game play. Do these adventures warrant a full retail price tag? I think not.

Some of the most recent titles have been flair over game play. Do these adventures warrant a full retail price tag? I think not.
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 With some truly incredible blockbuster titles hitting us throughout the year, its obvious that the new generation of titles is an thriving ecosystem in which will no doubt consume many of our gameplay hours over dastardly long periods of time. But what about the smaller lengthed adventures on our new machines?

Ryse: Son Of Rome comes to mind in this demographic, showcasing a gory and explosive but shallow and painfully short experience. 

Did that Microsoft adventure really amount to a full 60 dollars? The subject of overall quality and quantity in these Triple A titles is highly debatable but one thing is certain, people have limited amounts of funds to spend on their gaming pastime, and purchasing these titles fresh off the shelf really puts a dent in their pockets. 

Although it’s pretty early in the 8th generation of gaming systems, with circumstances the way they are, it would be immensely beneficial to have a rental system in place for the new.

If a game is not going to entertain you for a long time, then why have to suffer financially when it comes to the lack of substance? The controversal Ground Zeroes has communities pondering these questions.

Reduced price tag or not, the span of a game needs to be fulfilling and satisfying to the customer, something which has been seemingly forgotten within the depths of these less-than-4-hour games.

What’s currently available

Almost everyone knows of the fairly decent array of solutions we have for combating a game that doesn’t show its 60 dollar price tag. Rental businesses currently exist, one in the form of Gamefly, a successful borrowing service in which caters to most of your gaming desires through the use of mail delivery and a paid subscription. An ingenious practice for sure, albeit limited in general market appeal and unattractive attempts to sell the games to you after you’ve tried them out.

The other game borrowing business everyone else is fond of manifests itself as redbox. This nifty, gigantic vending machine located in your 7-Eleven contains many of the 7th generations greatest hits, but faulters in anything more recent. This is to be corrected and expanded upon for sure as time progresses; however the public could sure rejoice if rentals from the new generation were to be implemented right now, as we are money tight and not in the mood to give up basic living conditions in order to pay for day one releases in stores.

 Don’t worry, the consumer will inevitably benefit from all this.

We live in an age were the consumers ‘opinions about products is extremely powerful. Maybe apart from rentals to save us from financial misery, corporations will recognize our want of change in the run time of games, leading to a complete overhaul of what is the norm in titles released today.

Who knows, maybe with a combined effort of style and substance, gamers won’t need to rent anymore, as these new and improved titles will give us a complete package well worth the asking price.

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